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Laser Marking


The “Flexxmark” mobile laser system offers all the benefits of modern laser marking systems and stands out with its compact, mobile design. Its modular construction enables the laser system to be disassembled quickly and easily into three modules that will fit into any storage space. Large, heavy workpieces can be laser marked at a low […]

Laser marking system HAWK

A complete, high-performance, individual solution The compact HAWK laser marking system offers maximum flexibility and performance. State-of-the-art laser technology with the best beam quality ensures stable operation with the highest quality standards even under production conditions. Depending on the task, the laser device is available with a fibre laser, a diode-pumped solid state laser or […]

OEM-Modul laser marking

The compact, flexible OEM module from Vision Lasertechnik is ideal for production line integration and for the development of customised marking systems. The module is available with high-performance fibre lasers (10 to 50 watts) in line with your requirements. Air cooling, low running costs and excellent beam quality are the key benefits of this laser […]

Laser marking system sMark

A great value solution to get started The new sMark is the perfect low-price laser marker – an ideal introduction to laser marking, suitable for the manual marking of small workpieces and tools. The 20W fibre laser in the standard product can deal with all jobs from laser marking to laser precision cutting. The sMark […]


The desktop laser station “DesktopMark” is a small, compact laser processing centre which, despite its compactness, allows for a wide field of application for the laser processing of small and medium parts in small series production or in single-item production. The compact „DesktopMark“, due to its size, ensures a flexible installation in many locations. The […]