our commitment

Our mission

e are committed to balancing our overall company policy and strategy for our company mission

“With Vision into the future through innovation – expertise – perfection”

To this, we have created a high performance laser competence centre in Hanover over more than 2000 m2.
Our innovative fundamental direction serves as the driving force for research into and development of new technologies and services. To this end, all employees provide their full function and their expertise to all customers as a service.

We know that these innovations can only be realised for you through the many years of experience and the specialist expertise of our highly qualified employees. These employees represent our company’s real capital. It is for this reason that further training – through our own academy among other things – is of great importance. This is the only way that we can develop tomorrow’s technology today.

We offer the technical edge which helps you to greater market and competitive strength.

Challenge us.


Our vision

My vision is to manage our company according to Christian standards. I see this direction as the basis for achieving our company vision, which has the following aims:

– Shaping the future through our innovations.

– Achieving economic success in all of our business activities.

– Creating an environment in which our employees are comfortable and can develop both personally and professionally.

– Inspiring customers with our products and services.

– Constantly improving quality through the optimisation of all processes.

– Taking responsibility vis-à-vis society.

Dirk Haussmann, CEO Vision Lasertechnik GmbH