Integration of older machine tools into the new smart factory


As part of the “smart factory ready” developments taking a unified Industry 4.0 approach the laser technology vision presents new possibilities for how previously non-networked machines and plants can become part of the smart network.

For the first time a new technology is being presented now with which it is possible to transfer CAM data to machines without an Ethernet connection using the unified network, without the previous use of USB data carriers and associated problems such as incorrect revision statuses or the wrong datasets.

The new “smartBox” vision offers a bidirectional and smart connection between the machine and the SmartFactory network thus allowing for the controlled data exchange of production data, order time recording and transferring sensor data.

The open interfaces can be connected as standard to different SAP versions and modified to other systems too as per customer requirements.

Production orders from ERP or MES can also be administered clearly, managed according to priorities, machine assignments or employee specifications and monitored in real-time using the unified administration surface.