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The new Vision-fibrelaser MobileFlexx FSS


One for everything – the new Mobile Flexx FSS
with optional 150W, 300W oder 450W

The MobileFlexx FSS is the most universal laser welding device from the Vision company.

Thanks to the new, extremely efficient FSS beam sources, with 450 W laser capacity, you are independent of rotary
current or water cooling. That means that the device is ready to use on any environment.

Reliable: Due to the use of the latest fibre technology, the laser has neither parts subject to regular wear
and tear nor service intervals.
There are no costs for flashbulbs or abraded lenses
(one exception is the protective glass for the objective).
We also offer an optional warranty extension of up
to 60 months.
Cost efficient: The high efficiency of the new beam sources brings not only high flexibility and availability,
but these also consume only a fraction of the energy of the ND:YAG lasers that have been in use up until
The ergonomic design makes operating and working
an experience.