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System engineering

Vision systems engineering

Mechanical engineering today is no longer just feeding parts into a machine or automated processing steps. Modern mechanical engineering must constitute the entire process chain from the blank through to the finished packed product in order to efficiently execute, connect and drive subsections. Only someone who is capable of understanding all areas of their task is able to depict and implement the subsections of a large project efficiently and well.


This requires that one has the personnel for all areas of mechanical engineering which are important today in the company. Where previously only extensive experience in the metals sector and electrical engineering were required, today all areas such as construction, metalworking, sensor technology, image processing, electronics, robotics and, above all, software must be available. Anyone who wants to solve truly complex problems needs these skills in their team on site. Only thus can concepts be safely and efficiently implemented from planning through to finalisation, start of production and production monitoring.


Alongside mechanical engineering with all of the listed subsections, Vision Lasertechnik distinguishes itself from the competition in particular through its high competence in the integration of lasers into systems engineering.


We have been developing laser-assisted production machines for 30 years and can integrate these processes, including all the necessary infrastructure and process mechanisms, into one big whole.


In combination with our concepts in the field of “Smart Factory” and “Industry 4.0”, we are also the right point of contact to find solutions for everyone who developed and built their production facilities prior to the idea of “Industry 4.0”.


We have made it our business to upgrade the production systems of yesterday and yesteryear “smartly” and with future-proofing.


With us, Industry 4.0 should not only result in “green fields” for newly planned factories in the future; our stated goal is to upgrade existing factories for tomorrow.

The former Dr. Teschauer AG’S laser inscription and industrial automation departments have been integrated into the Vision Group since April 2013.

In Chemnitz, which accordingly constitutes our third production site, we also have, alongside a modern glass building which offers offices and showrooms, a large production hall, which makes the construction of complex production lines for our industry clients possible.

Our site in Chemnitz stands for innovative and highly reliable systems for laser inscription and marking. Along with the usual stand-alone systems for the marking of individual parts, our team in Chemnitz has specialised in an overall solution for the inscription process in production lines.


Challenges like largest quantities with highest precision as regards supply, alignment and inscription are the standards against which we are measured in comparison with our worldwide competitors.


Along with the mid-sized sector, our customers in the field of system solution or industrial integration also include almost all of the global players in German industry.


We not only use the OEM modules which we develop and manufacture in Chemnitz in our fully assembled complete solutions, but we also give other machine manufacturers access to these OEM modules for integration into their own production lines.