MDL10plus Diodenlaser

The perfect diodenlaser for your dentist praxis with an oditinal PDT function

The MDL-10plus is ideal for the ambitious modern dental practice.
It combines a high 10 W output with the latest high-tech equipment. The  new  design  is  reflected  in  the  modern  feel  of  the  machine.

Operation of the MDL-10plus, with its large TFT display, is simple due to its high level of user-friendliness. Frequently-used indications can be retrieved using the memory button and the main beamed can be dimmed and quickly adjusted to any situation.

Due to its low weight, implementation at any time in different treatment rooms is guaranteed  to be simple and comfortable.

» » » H I G H L I G H T S
»»» Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
as an integrated function (optional)
»»» Soft laser therapy programmes
»»» Large TFT display for easy operation
»»» Bleaching application with its own applicator (optional)
»»» Storage function for frequently-used indications
»»» Dimmable main beam for any situation
»»» Retrieve parameters from the list of indications

The large TFT display and the user-friendly software make
the use of the MDP10plus particularly simple.

Patients register and pay for innovative treatment methods, such as
PDT and laser therapy programmes. Treatment with laser therefore
represents an important foundation stone for successful marketing of
a dental practice.

The scope of indication spans from endodontics, periodontics and
implantology to dental conservation and surgery to bleaching thera-

The MDL10plus provides a continuous output of 10 W and therefore
has sufficient performance capacity at its disposal for almost all situa –

» » » S U C C E S S F U L :
What the patients value the most is the laser’s healing support
qualities, the initiation of the immune system and the lower risk of

The laser treatment is purely a private service. A deciding factor in
differentiating yourself from public health insurance services as
a dental practice.

» » » ADVANCE:
Make sure you stay ahead of the competition right now. Use this
opportunity for the positive effects of word of mouth advertising.
Give your practice an unparalleled profile.


Technical Data MDL10plus Diodenlaser

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